BSA has long developed an expertise in very challenging situations such as pre-insolvency, bankruptcy, asset diversion, and very complicated family law situations. Our experience is enhanced by deep experience in public companies and partnerships, where SEC filings form the core of available financial information.


  • BSA has served as the Chapter 11 trustee in a very large bankruptcy, has advised investors and creditors on investment recovery programs, and is a recognized expert in insolvency and pre-bankruptcy issues. Heavy emphasis on accounting for public companies in such situations. Acts as advisor to large investors in troubled real estate companies, including home builders and REITs.
  • Growing practice in family law issues with emphasis in sourcing, location, access, and valuation of Community Property (CP). Strong experience in publicly traded securities, review of SEC filed reports, covering publicly traded securities, partnership/TIC/NTR interests, including secured and unsecured debt, including publicly traded debt.
  • Advisor to accountants and lawyers where fraud or misappropriation is an issue, including Registered Investment Advisors, General Partners, TICs, and Non Traded Reits.


Identifying and implementing High Return Solutions to  Difficult Choice Situations



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